About Us!


Thanks for visiting our page. We’re learning about ways to challenge fundamental causes of health and mental health, through an emancipatory (social) psychology lens.

A series of classes, including Issues in Social Psychology (5710) and the Psychology of Race, Place, and Power (4350), are courses taught by Shellae in the Department of Psychology at Fordham University. Both courses examine social inequality, the social ecological framework, and intersectionality.

In the graduate course (5710), key social psychological concepts and theories are discussed alongside considerations of how inequality is created, reproduced, and resisted across society, disproportionately excluding and benefitting social groups.

Here’s a snippet of our re-design thinking from a PSYC 5710 session:

Design thinking in the classroom: How exactly do we integrate intersectional studies in higher ed curricula, practice and research? We use our own graduate program as an example to think through these complexities (via the Embedded Embryo Working Group aka The ONIONS 🧅).
How is intersectionality actualized? Here we consider how to represent the three forms of intersectionality + the three faces of social psychology programmatically
The Onion! A revised conceptual model of ecological-social psychology (also known as The Pyramid of Onions).

In PSYC 4350, using the Bronx as our living classroom we explore issues of place and power through history and experiential walks. Here’s some of the places we visited!

Learning about Bronx history @ the Bronx County Historical Society with Dr. Steven Payne!

Learning how to capture lived experiences through photography! Thank you, Ricardo + The Bronx Documentary Center (Photo credit: Joe Conzo – The Bronx, 1978)

Learning the history of the Cross Bronx Expressway by walking it!

Outside the gates: Walking E. Fordham Road!