Critical Awareness Campaign


The following infographics represent perspectives from graduate students from the Fall 2021 Issues in Social Psychology class. A big shout out to Joshua DeSon for inspiring this project! 🙂

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Pedagogy of the Oppressed in the Ivory Tower- Jill Fowle

Prosocial Behavior – Grace Anderson

Prosociality 101: Perfect for any Social Psychology introductory course

Deconstructing the Higher Ed Departmental Hierarchy – Nicola Forbes

Can we increase departmental equity by flipping the hierarchy?

Incorporating Intersectional Pedagogy in Higher Ed – Michelle Leon

Intersectionality Framework in Graduate Curricula – Daniel Alonso

“An intersectional framework approach in graduate curricula should encourage students and faculty to understand, explain, and challenge how inequities in society result from intersecting identities.” – D. Alsonso

Dismantling the Academic Hierarchy – Kyle Lorenzo

Social inequality impacts mental health and contributes to a culture where we maintain silence around oppression. Yes, even in academia.

Alternatives to Police Intervention – Danny Lorenzi

What do you do when you need help? Look here: