PSYC 5710: Shark Tank?!

A capitalist frame to address social issues? We know, it feels counter to a critical approach, but JOIN US and judge for yourself! See below for our pitch lineup.

Pitch Presentations

Nicola Forbes: “Not-So-Radical Changes to Support PhD Student Wellness”

Daniel Alonso: “Waiting Room: A Crisis in Graduate Education”

Kyle Lorenzo: “Enter Your Inner ‘Inter’: Introducing Interesting Intersectionalities through Interpersonal, Interchangeable, and Interdisciplinary Internet Interviews” 

Jill Fowle: “Name Your Position: An Approach to Creating Microincubators for the Revolution”

Grace Anderson: “Better Together: Integrating Fordham with the Bronx  Community”

Danny Lorenzi: “Addressing Gaps in Trans Health Care Accessibility”

Michelle Leon: “Home Away from Home – Tu Casa, en tu Nueva Casa